Something Good is a new concept brand, constantly evolving and improving, that aims to promote every aspect of design culture and the commerce of high quality products, organised by limited edition collections which combine the international flair of contemporary design with the world renowned Made in Italy tradition.

Something Good is a brave reaction to the current social and economic situation that involves all of us, and therefore responds to specific social and ethical urgencies. It is a productive initiative started by the designers themselves, in order to highlight how design has surpassed the physical limits of objects and traced wider boundaries.

This new model promotes the repositioning of certain aspects of industrial production, whilst overthrowing the borders among projectuality, communications and distribution, turning all these steps into one cohesive process; by doing so it also allows to trace one general guideline that combines love for detail, high-quality manufacturing standards and overall production sustainability.

Something Good aims to be the spokesperson for a rediscovery of the manufacturing industry within industrial production: the designer becomes an entrepreneur and an editor at the same time, constantly in conversation with small to medium sized businesses, and creates a special synergy with them, sharing and comparing results and supporting mutual appreciation. Such a thoughtful attention is confirmed by the selection of a production model that respects artisan work paces and by a balanced sales volumes, extendable on demand. Simultaneously, and with the same ethical attitude towards balancing production pace, online distribution allows to reduce costs, which would necessarily increase the product’s final retail price. The current online shop follows a designer-to-customer business approach, and represents the first step towards the future set-up of physical retail units nationwide.

Something Good is also involved in promoting and curating a selected range of events for the public launch of its retail activities.
By doing so, Something Good analyses and reinvents the traditional design industrial process and positions itself at the intersection between traditional businesses, art galleries and design stores, opening up new development opportunities for local suppliers, as well as a wider global marketing experience.

Something Good is a project conceived and promoted by Giorgio Biscaro, Zaven (Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno), Matteo Zorzenoni, all renowned protagonists of the new generation of Italian design.

Something Good is a production and planning platform that brings together different partnerships, creative experiences and new networks, opening the frontiers of Made in Italy to international designers as well as collaborating with outstanding foreign business realities.